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We bring beauty to life, for every season and every occasion. Andy Mast Greenhouses grow a wide range of high-quality bulbs, spring plants, mums and poinsettias to help homeowners beautify their homes and gardens year-round.  Our facilities use the latest green growing technologies to conserve water and reduce environmental impact. The product of our tender loving care in our state-of-the-art greenhouses can be found in Kroger supermarkets throughout the United States.

We grow our plants and flowers in three greenhouses and lush fields throughout West Michigan. Our family business is built on a tradition of excellence in product quality and customer service. If you’re a buyer for one of our retailers, please feel free to browse our site for Seasonal Display Ideas, or check out the latest retailer news in our “What’s Growing On” section. If you’re a consumer looking for care tips to keep your Andy Mast plant healthy and disease free, check out our Plant Library.


Seasonal Displays

Mum Displays

To make a strong impression, organize and prominently display a wide array of flowers and plants in a manner that is impactful, beautiful, and holds customer attention. The Michigan...

Seasonal Displays

Fun with Mums

Here are some fun ideas for outdoor displays featuring our gorgeous fall mums. The colors blend and contrast beautifully with pumpkins, and sit nicely against the spook-tacular tera...

Seasonal Displays

Holiday Cheer with Poinsettias

Spread some holiday cheer with Poinsettias! Andy Mast offers Poinsettias in many different varieties, and placing them in key areas can increase foot traffic. Trim up your displays ...

News & Updates

Drip Irrigation vs. Sprinkler

At Andy Mast Greenhouses, we know that water is a precious resource, and we use environmentally friendly techniques to conserve water in our greenhouses and outdoor growing fields. Many homeowners woul...
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Product News: Mums

It’s that time of year again! As fall rolls around, Andy Mast Greenhouses will be shipping Mums and other fall items! Chrysanthemums are some of the hardiest plants out there, and bloom into a ...
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Fall Decor & Merchandizing Ideas

Whether you’re decorating your porch or foyer to give a warm autumnal vibe to your home or are one of our retailers preparing a display for the supermarket floral department, these fun ideas will...
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