Another popular plant in households during the holiday season is the Zygocactus. Commonly referred to as the Christmas Cactus, these plants produce beautiful pink blooms, make excellent gifts, and are tremendously easy to care for.

Zygocactus are available from Andy Mast Greenhouses in 4″, 6″, and 8″ planters.

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Duration: Perennial

Plant Needs:
Light Requirement: Partial Sun
Temperature: 60 – 70 Degrees
Maintenance Category: Easy
Keep Soil Moist in Spring – Needs Excellent Drainage
Soil Fertility Requirement: Fertile, Loamy Soil
Prefers Humidity
Uses: Container

Uses Notes:
Use in indoor pots.

Maintenance Notes:
Zygocactus need regular watering throughout their growth period during the spring and summer. Be sure to let the soil dry out a bit before watering, but watch for wilting as an indication of underwatering. It’s also harmful to let the plant sit in water for too long, which leads to root rot and other infections.