Hand-Painted Poinsettias


Looking for something a bit different this holiday season? Check out hand-painted Poinsettias! The Mast family uses their own secret technique for painting their Poinsettias, and the result is a vibrant display of holiday cheer. In some varieties, the bracts also feature a fine dusting of glitter, just enough to give your plant a festive shimmer. Autumn Beauty can easily accent your Thanksgiving display, and the deep blues and purples of Winter Sapphire and Winter Amethyst perfectly balance the greens and reds we see throughout the holiday season.

Hand Painted Poinsettias are available from Andy Mast Greenhouses in the following colors:
Autumn Beauty: 8″
Winter Amethyst: 6.5″
Winter Sapphire: 6.5″

Other novelty arrangements may also be available, Contact Us for details.

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Duration: Annual
Spacing: 12 – 14 Inches

Plant Needs:
Light Requirement: Indirect light to prevent fading
Temperature: 65 – 75 Degrees F during day
Maintenance Category: Medium
Keep Soil Moist – Needs Good Drainage
Soil Fertility Requirement: Average Soil
Prefers Humidity
Uses: Container, Landscape

Uses Notes:
Use in indoor pots or in the garden.

Maintenance Notes:
Caring for Poinsettias is as easy or as complex as you desire. With a little bit of care, Poinsettias can bring vibrant color to your home through the holiday season. Simply make sure that the plant’s soil is kept moist, that it has adequate drainage, and it gets plenty of sunlight and warmth. However, should you decide to keep your Poinsettia after the holidays, be aware that they will require significantly more care and attention.