Geraniums are a favorite among gardeners for their bright colors, easy maintenance, and versatility. They love sunshine, and thrive in hanging baskets and patio planters with good drainage. Andy Mast also grows Calliope Geraniums, which are more heat resistant.

Geraniums from Andy Mast Greenhouses come in the following colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, and White. These plants are available in 4″, 6″, 8″, and Quart planters. Calliope Geraniums are available in 10″ and 12″ planters.

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Duration: Annual, Perennial in Zones 10-11

Plant Needs:

Light Requirement: Full Sun
Maintenance Category: Easy
Needs Sandy Soil with Excellent Drainage
Soil Fertility Requirement: Average Soil
Uses: Container, Landscape, and Hanging Baskets

Use in hanging baskets, window boxes, landscaping, and combination planters.

Maintenance Notes:
Geraniums are sturdy plants thrive in sunny spots around your patio, front porch, in your garden, or even inside your home. They prefer to get between 4-6 hours of light per day, but will be sensitive to extreme heat so keep an eye out for scorching. It’s important to wait until the soil becomes almost completely dry before watering, then water thoroughly and ensure that the excess is allowed to drain.