Fall Decor & Merchandizing Ideas

August 16th, 2016 by Ima Admin

Whether you’re decorating your porch or foyer to give a warm autumnal vibe to your home or are one of our retailers preparing a display for the supermarket floral department, these fun ideas will help you create a cornucopia of color and texture.

• Make a Pumpkin Planter: Handy with a carving knife? You don’t need to wait until Halloween! Carve yourself a pumpkin with a hole in the top roughly the same size as a small potted mum and drop the plant into the carved pumpkin. Dress your “mum-kin” up with a festive bow or cattails and feathers.

• A Gathering of Gourds – Gather a multi-colored array of gourds and place them into a large bushel basket or box. On top, include some “Message Pumpkins” inscribed with hand-written messages in magic marker. Writing only one word per pumpkin, you can arrange them into fun phrases like: “Welcome Friends” or “Home Sweet Home.”

• Cornstalks – Dried cornstalks, or even green ones, will add height and a rustic feel to any autumn display. Wrap them in raffia paper bows for an extra touch. To accent, add dried calico corn.

• Just Add Mums – Mum’s the word for getting the most out of your decorating dollar. Combine gorgeous orange mums with yellow and purple varieties for stunning contrast and warmth.

• Wheat Sheaves with Satin – A sheaf of wheat tied with a satin bow is an elegant arrangement for a display, entryway, or foyer.

• Hay Day – Kick your design up a notch with hay bales stacked at various heights.

Shabby Chic – Weathered wood wagons, tree branches, distressed crates, watering cans and other garage sale treasures can be transformed into rustic service with creative verve.

Do you have your own display that you’re proud of and would like to share with us? We would love to see pictures of creatively-used Andy Mast plants in your landscape or store front! Simply Contact Us and we’ll let you know where to send in your photos!

Andy Mast Greenhouses produces a beautiful collection of fall Mum products each year, including tri-color planters, hanging baskets, pouches, indoor Mums, outdoor Mums plus Ornamental Peppers and Kale.