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Drip Irrigation vs. Sprinkler

December 22nd, 2015 by Ima Admin

Water drops on green fresh leaf

At Andy Mast Greenhouses, we know that water is a precious resource, and we use environmentally friendly techniques to conserve water in our greenhouses and outdoor growing fields.

Many homeowners would like to do the same, but lack the basic information or tools to know the best way to water their particular plants and landscaping beds.

Hand watering can be simple and effective, but watering using a hose without a nozzle is inefficient. It delivers water more quickly than pots or the landscape can absorb it, causing runoff that wastes water and carries away precious topsoil and nutrients. It is more efficient to use a watering can on potted plants. Water each plant once, then repeat 15 minutes later after the water has soaked into the soil. If you must use a hose, make sure to attach a hose nozzle so water comes out in a spray and can easily be turned off when not in use. Read the rest of this entry »